Official California State Domestic Abuse Report Forms


In 2004 two new official forms were devised by the Office of Emergency Services (OES) to report domestic abuse to law enforcement. In 2009 these forms were renamed (but the content is the same) when the OES became the California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA).

CalEMA 2-920 Suspicious Injury Report Form
CalEMA 2-920 Instructions

  • Single page, lists state law required data with small size empty space to detail injuries (you can attach additional pages, such as a Body Map). 
  • It is helpful to describe location, depth, direction, character and appearance of each injury. 
  • Other details, such as general demeanor, areas of tenderness, disheveled appearance, broken fingernails or jewelry, and torn clothing are also useful.

Optional in addition to 2-920
CalEMA 2-502 Domestic Violence Forensic Form
CalEMA 2-502 Instructions

  • Eight page extensive forensic report with detailed body maps and evidence collection documentation.



Santa Clara County

See also section on Documenting, to complete the medical record.

At Stanford, forms filled out for law enforcement need to be captured on a HIPAA tracking form.