Domestic Abuse


Screening for domestic abuse may be uncomfortable for healthcare practitioners who have not been trained in how to ask, and what to do with the answer.

Practitioners may be concerned that:

Think screening takes too long?  Think again!
Watch this 4 minute video clip of a 3 minute total intervention.

Video clip courtesy of Futures Without Violence ©2003, all rights reserved. Free 32 minute training CD/VHS of 5 different clinical interactions available

It takes too long

It can be done efficiently (watch video clip at right).

Patients may feel insulted

Several studies have shown that >80% of women appreciate being asked, and think more highly of the healthcare practitioner who does.

They don’t know what to do

Check out this website and resources.

They feel uncomfortable with the subject

This improves with experience.

It opens “Pandora’s box”

Your job is not to “fix” the situation, but identify it, be supportive and refer.

See this website, Resources for online training, module on Healthstream, or contact for individual or group training.


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