Domestic Abuse


SUMC Laminated Pocket Adult Abuse Assessment and Reporting Cards

For MDs
For RNsRNs
available by sending email with your name and department

MD Template for Positive Response to Abuse Screen

Quick and simple checklist of what to ask, how to document, and billing codes if a patient answers "yes". Template

Healthcare Practitioner Manuals

National Consensus Guidelines on Identifying and Responding to Domestic Violence Victimization in Health Care Settings, 2004, from Family Violence Prevention Fund
Free download

Respond to Domestic Violence - Medical Staff Training Guide for California Physicians, 2006,
from Medical Directions (companion to online DV CME website)
Free download

Guidelines for the Health Care of Intimate Partner Violence, 2004, from California Medical Training Center

Advocacy Beyond Leaving: Helping Battered Women in Contact with Current of Former Partners, from Family Violence Prevention Fund
Free download

The Physician's Guide to Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse: A Reference for all Health Care Professionals, Salber & Taliaferro, Volcano Press 2006 ISBN 1-884244-29-2

Comprehensive Websites

Futures Without Violence

Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse

National Domestic Violence Hotline


Online DV CME

Recognizing abuse in your neurology patients from AAN

Palm-Based DV Tool

IPV - An Assessment Tool for Providers
free download in 2 Palm-based formats from FVPF

Training Video

“Screen to End Abuse” -
free 30 min. CD with 5 clinical scenarios from FVPF

Santa Clara County Domestic Violence Council
SUMC has a medical representative to this council. If you would like to become involved with this issue on a county level, contact us.

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